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Everything wrong with Society: Inequalities against Working Women

For many decades, minority groups all around the world, have at one time or another been subjected to racial discrimination, prejudice or some other form of unequal treatment on the basis of their affiliation to a particular group. Discrimination and bias occur at different levels and cuts across all sectors. Discrimination is systemic and often has disruptive consequences for individuals

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The Question of Child Support in West Africa

Single parenthood is a situation that results from divorce and separation or death of a partner, among other reasons. There are also single-parent families where there was no union between the parents to begin with. The responsibility of taking care of children can be hectic, even for couples, and previous studies have associated single parenthood with adverse effects on children’s

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The Plight of Working Mothers in a Covid-19 Era

Globally, there is an increasing number of women in the workforce with a significant number of mothers. Raising a child while working a job, whether full time or part-time, is not an easy task. In more advanced countries in Northern Europe, there are robust public interventions that are aimed at cushioning the burden on working parents. In Sweden for instance,

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