Cynthia Quarcoo

Hello! Welcome to my world.
I am Cynthia; a lawyer and entrepreneur by day and a mother every minute of the day. And trust me, I love doing and being both.

Mothering is a priceless privilege given women by God. The joy of being one whom God can entrust the life of another is such a big deal in my opinion. To conceive and bring another human into the world and bear the responsibility of nurturing such a life into maturity is divine. So, being a mother is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Many women and men alike have indicated that being a mother and a working one at that, is very challenging and yes, I agree. But, I have been doing it to well over twenty six years and so have many others, so there must be a way around it right? At different stages of my life as a working mother, I have had to learn to combine mothering with studying for a degree, law school, teaching and managing a Saturday school, trading in children clothes, travelling across continents for work and managing a law firm amongst other working roles.
In times past, fathers were expected to be the ones working and providing for the family financially whilst mothers on their part were to primarily stay at home to care for the children and the house. Even though spousal roles were defined, mothers still supported the family either by trading or farming.. In recent times, the economic conditions around the world makes it difficult to achieve comfort living on a single salary as it was in those days. Both father and mother have to engage in some economic activity to support the family. Besides, women and for that matter, mothers, in contemporary society have reached great heights in education and are much more qualified than they were in years past. Needless to say, it has become necessary for mothers to work and contribute financially to the family.

In a survey conducted on 250 women by The to assess how women feel about their career-family life balance, it was reported that 87% of them admit that balancing career and family is a huge struggle. Out of the same number, 55% of the women are of the view that excelling at both is overwhelming. Given this statistics, most women think it is not easy combining both roles and chances are one has to choose between the two at some point in time when they become mothers.
Some mothers are working because they have to support the family financially. Some mothers don’t work because they can’t afford childcare. Some others like myself work because we want to do both. From personal experience and that of many others, it is obvious that mothering and working comes with a track-load of challenges. Some of these include the guilt of not spending enough time with your children or not giving your undivided attention to your career. There is also the tendency to go through stress and end up with health issues due to extra work load. Not to talk of having to care for sick children and not having the time to indulge in your own personal interests. The challenges are countless.

Some women have had to make the hard choice of choosing between their career and caring for their children. I have never felt the need to choose between my children and my work as a lawyer or enterpreneur. No. I don’t have to. And I don’t want to. I am passionate about what I do. I love people and I love to share my passion with them whether they be my children or my clients. Helping solve the problems of people is a lifestyle for me as it gives me room to express my abilities as a lawyer and as a mother. It is just about being fully present in the moment whilst playing both roles per time that matters.
The truth about being a working mother is that, you have to accept that you cannot give your 100% to any of the two at a given time. Getting to know this truth early has made all the difference for me. I’ve learnt the art of alternatively investing my attention and energy into either of them any given day. It’s been worth the investment and has never been an either-or for me. I choose both my career and my children and none has suffered.

That said, let me hasten to add that, it has never been easy emotionally, financially, physically or psychologically being a working mother but it has been worth it all the while. The route can be rough and the task tough at times. Trying to juggle both family and work can sometimes feel like a thankless task because you are being perceived as not always fully present as a parent at home or as a professional at work. But it is only difficult and not impossible. It is possible to actively participate in both roles when you find the balance that works best for you as a working mother. And I want to share my journey with you.

On a regular basis, I get people sliding into my in-box on various social media platforms or sending me mails; asking how I have been doing it all these years.
This web page; Chronicles of A Working Mother (COAWM) is created in response to the requests of these people.
This page will be dedicated to sharing stories and snippets that have helped me on my journey and I am hoping that they will provide an avenue for support and dialogue for readers. If you have ever wanted to know how I have done this and continue to do it on a daily basis, then this platform is for you. I will be sharing a lot of the lessons I’ve learnt first-hand as a working mother of six and invite other working moms to share their experiences and lessons with all. It is envisaged that, this will develop into a discourse where working moms get to learn and share their experiences with a community that understands and appreciates their contribution to shaping humanity.