Passion Pays

Dear Working Mother, PASSION PAYS!

Maya Angelou once opined that; ‘My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style’. How true! Life is meant to be lived doing what you have been divinely designed to do and doing it with love and passion.

Everything else will suck the life out of your life unless it is done with some passion.

Passion can prime the pump of your ingenuity and give you amazing ideas whilst helping you earn an income doing what you love.

Once you learn to polish your potentials and hone your skills doing the things you are most passionate about, your chances of turning your passion into profit increases significantly.

I learnt this truth about life in my early years as a working mother. Until my third child was born, I was a full time employee earning a decent salary. However, it became increasingly demanding financially for me to continue to pay childcare costs in order to allow me continue working full-time.

I also got so saddled and conflicted that I was not spending enough time with my young children.

I had to take the difficult decision of resigning from my employment so I could spend time with my young children at home.

Just like me, most working mothers have had to make this decision at some point in time. There is always a ‘should I or should I not’ moment for them.

When working mothers are faced with this decision, they either end up quitting their jobs or decide to combine mothering with full-time employment.

When I got to my moment of decision, I took the former path.

And for a while, I had to figure out what exactly I would do as a stay-at-home mum. Being a stay-at-home mum was a blessing because I got to spend more time with my young children, but it meant that I had limited financial resources because my savings were fast depleting and I needed to do something to support the family’s budget.

Whilst brooding on that, I played a double role as a mum and a home tuition tutor for my own children especially my oldest daughter whom I was preparing for the common entrance exams.

Naturally, I loved to learn and I made conscious efforts to pass that passion on to my children. Also, I was intent on putting my children through private school to give them the best start in life.

This required that they take extra classes to be able to pass the common entrance exams which was set by the independent schools at the time.

It became clear that I needed to provide the tuition myself. I got the necessary books and started to tutor them.

My children at the time hardly played outside our home 😊.
That meant that if friends wanted to play with them, they would have to come to my house to do that.

One of the parents of their friends realised I was always tutoring my children in the evenings and asked if her daughter could join for a token fee. I agreed.

After all, she was always in my house and had started joining my kids in the tutoring even before her mother had asked. Before I realised it, she started to recommend me to other parents and about ten children were coming over to my house for extra tuition every evening.

It started on a small scale but, in a few months I was running two sessions per evening in my home.

The class size grew with time and the demand for the extra tuition increased.

Whilst thinking of the best way to meet the demand, I went over to the local authority to enquire if I could get a grant to help me set up a supplementary school. After making an application, I was awarded a grant which allowed me to buy a photocopier and rent a place nearby. I registered it as a Saturday supplementary school . With the assistance of one of the parents who was a primary school teacher, I approached some local schools and got them to donate text books for our use. I recruited tutors who were mostly foreign students studying for professional courses in the UK and needed the extra income.

The Saturday school which I called the Ultimate Tutors Learning Centre ( UTLC) became a success story for me.

At its peak, we had 120 children and 10 tutors. Running two sessions every Saturday. I moved out of London, but would drive into London every Saturday with my young family. I had also embarked on further study so needed the extra income.

At some point, I was literally paying my children’s private school fees with the income I made from the Saturday School.

Whilst still running the Saturday School, I would visit the USA and would always take advantage of the dollar-pound exchange rates then, which were very favourable.

I started to shop for my children from the US. And when the kids who came to the school saw the fashionable clothes my kids wore, they asked their parents to get them same.

The parents started asking where I was buying my children’s clothing from.

Your guess is as good as mine, that was another business opportunity right there. My passion of seeing my kids dress well just opened another door of opportunity for me to make profit.

I had only set out to do that which I was passionate about; helping my children become well educated, getting them to pass the entrance exams and also ensuring that they dressed well all the time. 😊

Little did I know my passion would end up setting me up in two different businesses.

Passion pays! If you would harness your passion and channel it for the right cause, then your chances of earning from it will increase.

What is your passion? Whatever it is; be it baking, beading, cooking, coding, dancing, hair dressing, gardening, writing, singing, sewing, photography, teaching etc., you can turn it into something phenomenal and make profit out of it whilst impacting lives.

Truth is, there are opportunities all around us and the potentials and passions God gifted us with are for turning such into treasures.

Our natural abilities are for our profiting. Our gifts and talents can create space and make room for us in places we would ordinarily not qualify to secure a spot.

Whatever good thing you are passionate about has the potential of positioning and prospering you. Make good use of such.

Having said that, it is also worth mentioning that, people make it worth our while. It is all about people. People are at the very centre of all that we do. My passion was to teach my children but a parent came along and pointed me to an opportunity that was right before me. Through that relationship, my passion became profitable for my benefit and that of many others; particularly the children I taught and their parents.

Our relationship with other people has the potential of making us better. Nurture relationships well, they will serve you better in future.

Need I say more? Passion pays when its offerings are shared with the right people at the right time in the right place.

Dear Working Mother, What is your passion? Step up and live it!

Please share similar experiences you may have with us. We are here to support and encourage each other (especially the next generation) to be the best we can be… Working mothers…

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